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Polaroid Glasses


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Polaroid Glasses

Polaroid, an innovation and tech company which revolutionized the sunglass segment. The company was founded in Massachusetts 1938 by the Harvard student Edwin Land, who then launched the first polarized sunglasses (hence the name Polaroid). After doing research at Harvard on polarization, he saw a big market for this and left studies to open up his company. His advanced technologies were later used during WW2, to make an infrared night viewing device. (Very cool!) Later, he became widely known as the 'father' of instant photography, as he launched the Polaroid cameras, which automatically printed photographs after you took a picture. Today, the Polaroid brand eyeglasses are more popular than ever, and to have polarized glasses is an absolute must these days! Thank you Edwin Land! You know you can get the best price in the market on eyewear! We have the best price guarantee and free shipping. Do not hesitate to look at the most popular eyeglasses by Polaroid here: Polaroid PLD 1P 006 and Polaroid PLD 1S 011.