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    Asian Fit Glasses


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    Asian Fit Glasses

    Asian Fit glasses are optical frames designed for a face shape with a lower nose bridge, higher cheekbones and a wider face. For people with this kind of face shape, these glasses will be far more comfortable. The frame design reduces pressure on the cheekbones and temples, and modified nose pads prevent the glasses from slipping. 


    If standard prescription glasses tend to feel larger and uncomfortable, you’ll find Asian fit glasses (low bridge glasses) to be a perfect fit. Why not try a pair of SmartBuy Collection Asian fit glasses in various frame designs and colours? Wondering whether anyone can wear Asian fit glasses?


    Are Asian fit glasses only for Asians?

    Asian fit glasses are not reserved solely for Asians, but rather are perfect for anyone with a low nose bridge. Asian fit sunglasses and glasses frames usually feature thicker or adjustable nose pads, a wider and flatter frame, a narrower yet more prominent nose bridge, and smaller lenses. The combination of the last two features ensures that the glasses sit higher up on the face without resting on your cheeks.


    You can find more information about what Asian fit glasses are and how they work in our informative Optical Center. So, how do you know you need low bridge glasses?


    How do I know I need Asian fit glasses?

    Your face shape and discomfort with standard glasses may indicate that you need low bridge glasses.


    Ask yourself:


    • Are your cheekbones high up on your face?

    • Do you have a low nose bridge, and is your face width the same as your face length? 

    • Do your glasses often slide down your nose and rest on your cheeks?

    • Do the lenses brush against your eyelashes?

    • Do the frame arms put pressure on your temples?

    • Do you find that your lenses often steam up?


    If you take a ruler and measure ear to ear, then forehead to chin, and the lengths are the same; Asian fit glasses are for you. Frames should not rise higher than your eyebrows, and the width should be equal to the width of your face. See a size guide here for further tips on how your glasses should fit. 


    The next thing to check is how the weight is distributed on the bridge of your nose. The glasses should feel balanced, with the weight evenly distributed through the nose pads. If you think the nose pads are pressing too hard against your nose, you may need to adjust them or consider purchasing frames with a wider bridge. 


    Finally, you should be able to shake your head lightly without the glasses flying off your face. The temple arms should reach smoothly over your ears and not press inwards on your temples or head. Remember to try looking down to check for a secure fit without the glasses sliding off.


    Now you know the basics, it’s time to shop for Asian fit glasses online! Find what you love with trendy eyewear to fit your every eye need. You can even try blue light Asian fit glasses!