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Escada Sunglasses

Marked by a distinct logo with two Es facing one another, Escada’s clothing and apparel stand out from the crowd. Escada is a German luxury women’s designer brand that was founded back in 1978. Since then, Escada has been a symbol of luxury, class, and sophisticated elegance. Apart from clothing, Escada manufactures eyewear for women. Escada doesn’t manufacture a huge collection of sunglasses, but each piece that Escada manufactures is high-quality and trendy. The brand isn’t experimental, but it appeals to refined tastes. 

Escada Sunglasses - Frequently Asked Questions

Escada sunglasses are mostly metal or a combination of metal and acetate. These glasses look delicate and are tinted. Frames with thick temples have the Escada logo on them which make them distinct from other sunglasses. However, the latest collection by Escada doesn't have thickened rims. This collection includes cat eye designs and oversized butterfly styles for women. 

Escada usually manufactures oversized glasses which are perfect for any face shape. However, the oversized glasses would work great for you if you have a round face. Choose a shape that you know works well for you. If you are unsure, you can try SmartBuy’s virtual try-on feature online before making the purchase. This feature allows you to judge how the glasses will look on your face when you wear them. 

Women who love oversized glasses and sophisticated, refined styles would find Escada’s sunglasses to be the perfect choice. Escada is known for its logo. So, those who want to showcase their brand choices should select those pairs of sunglasses that prominently showcase the logo since Escada’s style isn’t very unique or distinct from other brands.