Alpina S-Way VLM+ A8585229

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AED715 AED774


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Frame Details

Alpina Sport
Frame Colour:
Frame Shape:
Single Lens
Frame Style:
Full Rim
Frame Material:
Lens Material:
Lens Color:
UV Protection:
Category 4
  • Very dark special purpose sunglasses (very high sunglare reduction)
  • Very high protection against extreme sunglare e.g. at sea, over snowfields, on high mountains, or in the desert
  • Good UV protection
  • Not suitable for driving in twilight or at night
  • Not for direct observation of the sun
  • Not for protection against artificial light sources, e.g. solaria
  • Not for use as eye protection against mechanical impact hazards

Prescription Details

This frame is not suitable for prescription lenses.


Lens Type: Mirror PhotochromicThe hydrophobic| i.ewater-repellent| nanostructure of the lens causes water to form into beads and roll away in the blink of an eye| taking any dirt with itThis not only leaves the lens clean but instantly dry as well.Fogstop is a coating applied to the inside of the lensIt is not smooth but rough – seen through a microscope it looks quite fissuredThis makes it impossible for moisture droplets to form a covering layer| i.eto mist up the lens| impairing visibilityThis could only occur if the humidity level was such that all the fissures are filled with waterBut before this can happen| the stored moisture actually condenses| keeping the lens clear

About Alpina S-Way VLM+ A8585229

Alpina S-Way VLM+ A8585229

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