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Clear frame glasses

Classic yet modern, transparent but bold - clear frame glasses are a cool and trendy eyeglass option to add to your eyewear wardrobe. Easy to style according to your personal preference and the perfect unisex frame, the clear glasses trend offers a smart and discreet way of making a fashion statement, fast. Clear glasses frames are an ideal accessory to soften and compliment any face shape, which is why they’re growing increasingly popular with fashion followers! Keep reading to find out more about transparent glasses.


Are clear glasses frames in style?

Over the past couple of years, fashion designers have been experimenting with clear colours in accessories, creating perspex heeled-shoes and see-through handbags to modernise an everyday look. Eyewear has followed suit, with clear frame glasses gaining traction and becoming a strong fashion accessory that adds a playful twist. 


Transparent glasses are a step beyond traditional glasses frames, providing a minimalistic and classy approach to creating a style statement, and we’re loving it just as much as celebrities! One reason they’re so popular is that they’re so easy to wear, great for both men and women and add some fun to your outfit. Many fashion influencers are sporting clear glasses frames without vision correction, so even if you’re not a glasses wearer, the clear glasses trend is one for you! For a professional setting, transparent glasses give off a serious impression, whilst paired with a killer saturday night outfit, the clear glasses trend makes for an easy way to dress to impress. 


Will transparent glasses suit me?

If you’re wondering if clear frame glasses will suit you, you’re in luck! Clear glasses frames are an extremely versatile approach to fashion glasses as their transparent nature allows them to adjust to any complexion. By doing so, this poses them as an extremely wearable trend and a fantastic choice for both men and women as they suit almost any complexion, skin colour, hair colour or age.


Clear glasses frames have the added advantage of not looking too overpowering on the face or distracting from your natural features. Whilst smaller clear frame glasses create a restrained and understated look, larger transparent glasses allow you to make a statement without hiding your face. The transparent nature of clear frame glasses accentuates the cheekbones of the wearer, highlights the eye, and compliments the face shape - without looking too distracting. You can even use our Virtual Try-On tool that will recommend frame designs in line with your face shape, and whenever you see a pair of clear glasses in the Virtual Try-On range you like the look of, you can hit the selfie view button to generate a 3D image of you wearing the glasses.


How to look good in clear glasses

Styling clear glasses frames may seem tricky, that’s why we’re here to help you keep up with the clear glasses trend. Here are our best tips for looking good and feeling even better in clear frame glasses:


1. Wear with lighter coloured clothing: Dark clothes will take the attention away from your clear frames, so choose more neutral tones to bring focus up to your face and on-to your transparent glasses. The angles of the glasses frames become more visible when they are matched with lighter colours. 

2. Pick an oversized frame: Larger clear glasses frames will make your clear glasses easier to see from a distance, creating a more dramatic style statement. Although oversized, they won’t overwhelm your face in the way that darker frames can. 

3. Wear neutral make-up: Apply your make-up lightly, choosing softer tones for your eyes and lips. Heavier makeup doesn’t balance well with clear frame glasses, as darker make-up could overpower the effect created by the clear glasses trend. 


How to clean clear glasses frames

Clear glasses frames can easily get mucky as our glasses frames are exposed to pollution, make-up, and everyday dirt on our faces. Knowing how to clean transparent glasses is really important as dirt appears even more obviously on clear frame glasses. Check out the key steps below to make you and your eyewear look even better!


Step 1: Make sure your hands are clean!
Sounds a simple starter but it’s really important we have this first step checked off for the rest to be effective.


Step 2: Run lukewarm water and hold your eyeglasses under the stream for a few moments
This step helps to remove any dirt or dust clinging to your transparent glasses. Make sure to use both hands when cleaning your eyewear to keep it from falling and leading to broken lenses. Remember to never use hot water as this can damage any coatings on your lenses.


Step 3: Add a small amount of cleaning solution to the lenses

You’ll only need a pea sized amount, steer clear of harsh cleaning liquids such as those that include alcohol. Check with our online optician for an eyeglass cleaning solution you can buy online, or from a local high street store. 


Step 4: Work the cleaner into the frames and lenses

Work the solution into your clear glasses frame and lenses, don’t forget the nose pads too! These parts are more susceptible to getting dirty, so pay special attention to them. If you find that the dirt isn’t moving, try using a soft toothbrush to break up the particles. 


Step 5: Rinse & dry!

Using lukewarm water remove all the eyeglass cleaner off your clear frame glasses. Once you’re sure all the suds are off, use a clean microfiber cloth to dry your frames and lenses. 


If you’re curious about the latest clear glasses trend, take a look through our collection of clear glasses frames. Almost invisible from far away, your clear frame glasses can be completely see-through or have a pop of colour to add a little fun.