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  • 07/11
    Original product
    Original product... Perfect
    Hany Nazmy
  • 07/11
    The customer service and attention was…
    The customer service and attention was fantastic, this part surprised me. As for the product, I think it is a little small but in general it fit me very well and that is why I did not return it.
    Leydi Jhoana Lombana Ortega
  • 06/30
    Great price and quick delivery
    Great price and quick delivery
  • 06/25
    Great price and quality.
    Great price and quality.
    Ajaz Nazier
  • 06/25
    Thank you
    Thank you! So much
    Mariia Guben
  • 06/24
    Loved it.
    Loved it. Well priced and smooth delivery,.
    Shafqat Rana
  • 06/10
    meet expectations
    good product delivered in time
    valeria rossi
  • 06/09
    Great prouduct only the shipping late…
    Great prouduct only the shipping late was the matter ça was a gift
    Roumila Kheninef
  • 06/09
    They are to my liking and fit well
    They are to my liking and fit well . The price was great though the delivery timing was long
    Gavin David
  • 06/05
    Reliable and trustworthy
    Reliable and trustworthy
    Shakib El Qasem
  • 05/06
    The Range of products available
    The Range of products available, attractive pricing,excellent customer support and quality of the product delivered is excellent.
    Dileep Kumar Poo Madam
  • 05/04
    Excellent! Silhouette SPX delivered earlier than expected. The second item with different color was out of stock after the purchase and the Support Team proposed another model which was not suitable for my lenses. The Support Team refunded it on the spot.
    Claudio MOSCHINI
  • 05/01
    Qazi ziaullah Shah
  • 04/30
    Orignal n perfect love them
    Orignal n perfect love them
    Anum Abid
  • 04/29
    Great Fit! and Value
    Great fit, quality and the speed of delivery was very good. It is definitely value for what you pay. Highly recommend
    Ivo Rutten
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Welcome to SmartBuyGlasses, the home of eyewear made easy. The extensive range of sunglasses and glasses online is bound to have whatever it is you are looking for. From top designer brands to budget-friendly frames, all can be customized to suit your prescription, and all come at the best possible prices. Read on to discover all that’s on offer.

Prescription Glasses

Prescription Glasses

Learning that you have a visual impairment should by no means be considered a disadvantage. Instead, the need for vision correction opens the doors to a world of fun, from shopping for vibrantly coloured frames to following the latest eyewear fashion trends. No matter your style, there is a glasses frame that will perfectly match your face shape and features. Once you have found your perfect frame, (or frames!) you can tailor the lenses to meet your needs. Simply add your prescription details at the checkout, or email them later on. It is worth bearing in mind that we cannot offer you an online eye exam. To find your personal prescription, you will need to book an appointment with a local optician.

Reading Glasses

Reading spectacles are great for experiencing the benefits of wearing glasses, such as accessorising stylish get-ups, but without having to wear glasses all day, every day. This means that you can be incredibly flexible with your choices. If you want a pair of frames that truly make a statement the moment you read the menu on a hot date, consider prescription glasses from the likes of Ray-Ban. If you would rather give the impression that you aren’t wearing glasses at all, browse our range of rimless glasses frames. Last but not least, if your need to read could occur at any moment, check out folding glasses from Persol for ease of transport. The glasses can slip into the tiniest of pockets, ready to wear at all times.

Contact Lenses

Some people prefer to wear contact lenses. Others like to have both glasses and contact lenses, and interchange them depending on the occasion. Whichever you are, take a look at our range of contact lenses online. There are both short and extended wear options that can be customised to a variety of prescriptions.


Sunglasses are vital to protecting your eyes in the great outdoors. Whether you are exploring the urban jungle or sunning yourself on the beach, do it in style with sunnies from SmartBuyGlasses. There is a great range of sunglasses for men, with popular brands including Tom Ford and Oakley Sunglasses. The latter label is particularly well-known for its polarised sunglasses, as is the Carrera eyewear collection. The two brands pride themselves on providing sunglasses for more adventurous activities, for which polarized sunglasses are a must, as they help to reduce glare. When it comes to sunglasses for women, the likes of Gucci sunglasses and Ray Ban sunglasses are consistent favourites for their bold fashion statements and elegant detailing.

Whether you choose to invest in designer sunglasses or look bang on trend without breaking the bank with sunnies from value collections like the Arise Collective, all can be fitted with prescription lenses, courtesy of SmartBuyGlasses. Much the same as with glasses, simply upload your prescription at the checkout, and the lenses will be fitted by our in-house experts, and arrive on your doorstep ready to wear. There is a range of top quality lenses to choose from, such as Arise HD Prescription Lenses, so your new prescription sunglasses will have you seeing clearer and safer for years to come.

Affordable Eyewear

Clear vision should not be reserved for the wealthy, no matter how glamorous the glasses. We are committed to making eyewear affordable for all, and so we are partnered with multiple organisations to support those in need, such as World Vision. As part of this programme, a percentage of the profit from SmartBuy Collection glasses goes to helping a mother and child in Zambia. The other perk to the SmartBuy Collection is that it is totally budget friendly. There is a plethora of frame styles on offer, from show-stopping cat eyes to sleek and sophisticated squares. All of them are made with high quality materials, but are very kindly priced. There is a whole collection available with frames that cost nothing but 56 AED.

On the other hand, if you want to flaunt your exquisite taste in designer eyewear, but know that money doesn’t grow on trees, this is the place to be. Head to the deals section to browse the biggest brands at the lowest prices, and all come with a lowest price guarantee. At the end of the day, why should finances get in the way of looking fabulous in frames?

Blue Light Glasses

One of the other perks of shopping with SmartBuyGlasses is that you can protect yourself from blue light at a great price. Blue light is emitted from digital screens, which thanks to COVID-19, we are all using much more often. The effects of blue light include digital eye strain, difficulty sleeping, tired or dry eyes and headaches. Thanks to our innovative zFORT™ technology, you can add a blue light blocking lens coating to any prescription glasses. This means you can care for your eyes while working from home, watching TV, or even when video calling friends. Blue light glasses also allow those without visual impairments to join in the fun of wearing glasses! Simply choose your trendy frames and select a plano or non-prescription lens. You can then add the blue light blocking coating, and save yourself from digital eye strain.

Virtual Try On

Whether you are buying prescription spectacles, designer sunglasses or blue light glasses, you probably want to know in advance what they look like on you. You may be surprised to hear that the solution to this is not to visit a physical store. Instead, get yourself acquainted with our virtual try on tool. Think of it as an online mirror. All you have to do is let the website guide you through recording a short video. Simply turn your head from side to side, and try and capture your best angle! Once you land on a product page of a pair of frames you like, click the selfie view button, and your face will appear wearing the glasses. This gives you an accurate idea of what the eyewear would look like in real life, and you can easily share the image with friends and family for a second opinion.

Shop with SmartBuyGlasses

We may have just provided a rather comprehensive overview of all that SmartBuyGlasses has to offer, but our list does not stop there. After all, our aim is to make shopping for eyewear online as easy and affordable as possible. As a consequence, ALL glasses purchased with us come with a best price guarantee. This goes for prescription specs and sunglasses alike. With our price match, you can rest assured that you will not find a better deal anywhere else, even on the most striking designer frames out there.

In addition, you can enjoy a generous 100 days to return the products if they are not quite right. And as if that wasn’t enough, there is also a 2 year warranty. All products sold are guaranteed to be authentic designs, and we would love to see you wearing them. So share your new frames on social media with the #SBGClub, and to be the first to hear about great deals on eyewear, sign up to our newsletter. What are you waiting for? Get shopping now.

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